Factory Tour


Ⅰ. Rest ECG developed on iPad, iPhone and iPodtouch


The first professional elsctrocardiogram (ECG) product developed on iOS portable device.
High-definition ECG display thanks to its Apple high resolution screen and anti-aliased algorithm.
Automatic measurements and interpretations.
WiFi and 3G compatible.

Ⅱ. Cardiac Stress System


Integrated with TI 12-lead ECG IC, the data acquisition system was designed in digital form with special high specification parameters in sampling rate, resolution, CMMR, dynamic range and electrode potential.
Two patented technologies: multi-channel synchronous A/D and myoelctric filter based on ECG spectrum power.
Depends on above 1 and 2, the system is specially featured in its super-stable and noise-free ECG tracings even at steep grades.
Impedance testing and real time electrode loss alarm.
Real time ST-T measuring and arrhythmia detect and tracing.
6 minutes walking test (6MWT) in rehabilitation with treadmill.

Ⅲ. ECG Network

Designed on browse server with the advantages:

Cross platform: Windows, iOS, Android…
Without location restriction.
Without device restriction.
Without device belongings restriction.
Statistics and fuzzy qurry.