vhECG bluetooth 12 channel ECG machine from China ECG selling supplier

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vhECG bluetooth 12 channel ECG machine from China ECG selling supplier

vhECG iCV200(BLE) is a mobile ECG device that enables the performance of simultaneous 12 Lead ECG automatic measurements and interpretation, including ECG device and vhECG Pro (vhCloud is selectable). The design of pocket size and bluetooth connection make it easy for carrying out ECG tests easily and by anyone, anywhere.


  • Synchronous 12-lead ECG
  • Automatic measurement
  • Portable design
  • Automatic interpretation
  • Bluetooth transfer
  • Record pace-making signal
  • iOS based
  • High-definition display
  • Free App
  • ECG network available

Portable ECG

small size and light weight design, easy to carry to anywhere


vhECG Pro

vhECG Pro is iOS based application, smart and muti-functional, easy to study and use for anybody


Compare ECGs

with vhECG Pro, compare the same patient's two ECGs in different time on same screen, visually see the changes in the patient's heart health


Complex P-QRS-T

with vhECG Pro, analysis merged or single lead of P-QRS-T wave. Here two fingers' measurement, our patent technology can help to measure gain and speed automatically by sliding two fingers to proper points on screen


ECG Report

vhECG Pro can generate report. Besides print report out, report can be uploaded to Could, achieve the requirement of telemedicine. Or send report to email by PFD / JPEG.


User Group

With excellent performance of automatic measurement and interpretation, Cloud and email, not only cardiologist but also GP or family doctor can easily use the vhECG.


Application Scenario

different from a traditional 12 channel ECG machine can be used in indoor examination only, innovation vhECG solution can be used in outdoor first-aid as well



this model of vhECG is CE and FDA approved


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